THE HIDDEN丨“極簡主義的北歐風”,感受簡單元素的建築設計

The world loves the appearance of prosperity, but prosperity has come to an end, prosperity has gone, what is left? Prosperity is good, but it is no match for simplicity.

Nordic design, with its emphasis on functionality and people orientation, is permeated with pure, concise and simple atmosphere. It has become one of the most influential design schools in the world.

Without luxuriant grain kind and design will decorate, will differentiate ornament with line and color piece, 6 faces show simple aesthetic feeling in indoor top, wall, ground.

Architecture is directly derived from its environmental characteristics and functional starting point, but it is free from the fetters of style. The echo to the environment is the architects free way to shape the space. The layout of the building pays attention to the communication and connection between people, creating a good neighborhood communication space and atmosphere, highlighting the harmonious and warm human touch of the community.



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