大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】



It says in Spirited Away, Always look ahead, never look back, or you will never be able to return to that world. We create a hongya cave in the sense of the world in the direction of nature and light.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图


When I was a child in Chongqing, what I cant forget is the bangbang son of mountain City carrying a bamboo pole. All kinds of memories carry too many designers feelings for this city. Here, the water runs along the mountain, and the mountain is beside the water, which has a unique scenery of the city is on the mountain, and the mountain is in the city.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图1


Chongqing Shimao Qiansi door sales office and Hongya cave across the river, so in the design is expected to be a spiritual resonance. The design of Dayan extracts the clear structure, exquisite material and three-dimensional moving line of the building of the mountain city, and constructs the geometric space full of the sense of power and spiritual significance, responding to the connotation of the living in the mountain city.

Shuttle-back in the indiscriminate folding of Chongqing, when the car across the Yangtze River bridge, at one glance, hongya cave, the designers thoughts, which is also his design constantly find their own process, let the abstract Hongya cave and the opposite hongya cave set each other off.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图2



Hollow weave texture stone in the light as the wave of water flow. The reception desk refers to a boat, which reminds people of a boat trip by the river. On the left and right sides of the metal decorative lamp belt modeling through the reflection of the ground reflects a complete woven form of the circle.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图3


Framing is not only the aesthetic connotation of the scene created by the Oriental aesthetics, but also the artistic conception of the whole space near the mountain. The exhibition corridor takes the mountain and river volume as the carrier, and also takes the form sense of the book, and shapes the space with the unique form language.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图4





When modern design meets millennium bamboo weaving, break the pattern of life aesthetics. Bamboo has always had a lot in common with Chinese culture. Its flexibility is a kind of tolerance. But if it is bent to a limit, it will bounce back or break. This is also the true vitality of the yearning. It takes away the ornate and decorated design space and integrates the building and interior into one.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图5


Under natural light, arch, vault, arch and column are all structures that echo the characteristics of sunlight. Light is being borrowed season and 4 hour elapse, gift the atmosphere with different space.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图6

Stilted buildings and weaving elements are extracted from the sand table area, which are deconstructed into dark metal skeleton weaving body, with a large area of pure white background as the contrast, and the space is filled with the flavor of jiangcheng in the contrast of depth and lightness.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图7


Walking into the large and high space, it is branded with the local cultural treasure of Chongqing -- chuanjiang Song with the characteristics of Bayu. I still remember my grandfather said when I was a child: Chuanjiang song not only belongs to the boatmen, but also belongs to the public. Now it seems that they also belong to the design. When the sonorous and loud sound of the trumpet sounds in the space, the whole design is brought to life.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图8


The facade creates a sense of transparency and openness, as well as the uniqueness and spatial character of the interior. LED screen with a sense of device, and the light gray texture of the wall constitute a visual contrast, so that peoples feelings are enriched.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图9

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图10


Qian Si Men used to be the granaries of Chongqing city, and its name was taken from the Book of Songs, Xiao Ya, Fu Tian: Qiansi warehouse, wansi box. In the process of the city, the memory and ancient meaning of seventeen gates, which are gradually unfamiliar, blend into the background in a vague form.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图11


A good space not only shows light, but also shows shadow. Space, shadow, art and experience are the core of the design of the negotiation area. Light passes through the soft film ceiling material and through the woven metal skeleton, creating a rich spatial hierarchy.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图12

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图13


The theme of the negotiation area is gathering mountain city, vast sky, clouds and clouds, gazing at the whole river bank tenderly, enjoying the quiet time with friends. Where the eye can see, the heart grows stronger.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图14

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图15

The sense of cave generated by the dome-shaped skeleton is in dialogue with the Hongya cave on the opposite side of the river, and at the same time protects the negotiation area, defining different functional distribution in the free-flowing space.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图16

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图17

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图18

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图19

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图20

Surging River and Han dynasty, the Chronicle of the South, the staircase is not only the pause point of the space, but also leads the core line of sight, accompanied by the moving line from the bottom to the top. The floating boat art installation flows with the light wave, which is also true and unreal.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图21

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图22


Light is the physical medium of space, and color represents the perceptual side of space. The classic color scheme of black, red and white, as well as the depth of space, constitutes a Dali style surrealist painting.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图23

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图24

Just as Tadao Ando injects the extraordinary into the most ordinary and familiar environment, in the art space created by The university, you can comprehend the most original perception of people, and perceive a city and a home with your heart.

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图25

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图26

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图27

大研設計 新作 重慶世茂·城市之門售樓處|售樓處【知行設計1221】插图28
Project name: Chongqing Shimao · City gate Sales Office
Hard/soft decoration design: Shanghai Dayan Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD
Party A: Chongqing Shimao Real Estate Co., LTD
Designers: Zhu Changwei, Zhu Pengji, Xu Lulu, Guo Qiufeng
Project location: Jinjinmen Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing
Design area: 1800㎡
Photography is by Zhang Qilin
Main materials: artistic stone, texture paint, customized metal skeleton, titanium-Plated stainless steel



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