Charlotte Taylor丨倫敦女藝術傢超現實夢幻之旅

Charlotte Taylor
溫暖的建築倫敦藝術傢夏洛特·泰勒( Charlotte Taylor )是一名建築師。受建築設計的啟發,通過建築的內部結構和室內的圖形元素,運用柔和的色彩,以現代主義和後現代主義的繪畫風格,將樓梯、拱門和地板,變形成為極簡主義結構的淡色圖塊。她希望人們在關註建築的功能性之外,還能以美學的角度去欣賞他們。
Warm Buildings London artist Charlotte Taylor is an architect. Inspired by the architectural design, through the buildings internal structure and interior graphic elements, the use of soft colors, modernism and postmodernism painting style, the staircase, arch and floor, transformed into a minimalist structure of light color block. She wants people to appreciate buildings from an aesthetic point of view, as well as focusing on their functionality.

Inspired by postmodernism, barbarism, and ancient architecture, the Bauhaus and Memphis movements made the DECO fall

倫敦藝術傢Charlotte Taylor的極簡主義多描繪現代主義建築和室內設計。受路易斯·巴拉甘和裡卡多 ·波菲爾的啟發,這些作品反映瞭泰勒對建築抽象美學的強烈興趣。簡潔的線條,強烈的光線是她作品的特點,而她作品的構圖通常是即興的。“設計環境”是她自稱的使命。
London-based artist Charlotte Taylors minimalism features modernist architecture and interior design. Inspired by Louis Barragan and Ricardo Poifill, these works reflect Taylors strong interest in the abstract aesthetics of architecture. Simple lines and intense light are characteristic of her work, and the composition of her work is often improvised. Design environment is her self-proclaimed mission.



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