Bay House on Auckland’s North Shore / Strachan Group Architects

Architects: Strachan Group Architects Project: Bay House Location: Auckland, New Zealand Year 2017 Photographs: Simon Devitt
建築師:Strachan集團建築師項目:灣屋位置:新西蘭奧克蘭2017年照片:Simon Devitt
Located at Castor Bay on Auckland’s North Shore, the dark box like forms of Bay House stretch and weave along the elevated south-facing site. Recessed into the bank, the concrete basement is fractured by a glass roofed atrium space that allows sun and natural light to permeate deep within the building footprint. Guests are welcomed into this atrium space by the sound of the cascading pond in the garden above, circulating up through the atrium on to a timber planked bridge which connects the living areas either side.

Framed apertures project the occupants’ attention towards the view of Castor Bay and cityscape beyond. Living areas flow out onto a series of sheltered northern terraces which are hunkered into the bank above. The black cladding deconstructs to make way for varied extensive northern glazing which provides transparency through to the southern views. Roofs are tilted and lifted, reaching for the sun. Pohutakawas overhang, their silhouette playful against the passing sky.